“Dear Diary (1 Apr. 2014)” by Richard F. Yates

[What I am about to describe may seem implausible to some of you, but I assure you that every word is completely...


Happy birthday to the Franck-Hertz Experiment, performed on this day in 1914!

The experiment demonstrated the quantum n...

Happy birthday Franck-Hertz Exp - rleebyers | ello

Croesus Counts Sand
© Surazeus
2017 04 26

Gold sunlight on the lake reveals true face
we hide behind mask of money and fame
since no one can claim ownership...


Capt. Log 596

Yesterday I Set Sail to Port Asheville, NC, Landed at 4/21, 2000 hours, that's when I became charlie brown....

Capt. Log 596 Yesterday Set Sai - sirxantham | ello

Advocates Fighting for Government to Change Law Criminalizing HIV Non-Disclosure

Advocacy groups in Canada are calling for an overhaul of the law that criminal...


Know about your little pet: Guinea pig adoption -

Daily care of providing of guinea pigs is not very difficult. They require a method to the large-sized crate...

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