Carrying flowers in compressed compartments (Mosa)
I caught him picking my petals
And putting them in his pocket
A dark spot of
Whatever comes out of maranta p...


Blood Relations, part three. They say three is a magic number, so here is the third and LAST installment in my preview of my up-coming novel.

Simon pulled at ...


memories i have from being a child

i would click through all of the channels on the television through what felt like hours of static until i would come back t...


Beautifying Discoloured Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

According to a 2013 case report published by Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, porcelain veneers are an eff...


A small collection of art by women.

This is Japanese manga artist and master illustrator Junko Mizuno.


My goal was to achieve a wax/ porcelain look in #3d with a Jesus figure on top of weird twistet thoughts about religion ...


"Spike Wonderland" ~ Sculptural cocktail ring :herb:
Green and spiky.
Inspired by organic forms, this little guy can be foun...


Teacup Human
Six years old is too young to know fear
I was six years old
A teacup human
Shattered in grandmothers basement on Christmas Eve
"Uncle Uncle, where ...

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