'88 staying late Playing games  - junkyardsam | ello

Way back in '88 I was staying up late
Playing games like Donkey Kong (and of course Pac-Man was great!)
Smashing barrels...


I LOVE my princess kitty 🐱❤❤ I went and bought my sweet girl some jewelry ❤❤ 😸😸

LOVE princess kitty bought swee - lette421 | ello
friend Numi cool stag headband  - silentjames | ello

My friend Numi made this really cool stag headband out of paper and said, “Fight me. But not w/ water.” So I made this i...

Words finished love dried Heart - gardenlovepoet | ello

Words have already finished love has dried
Heart no longer shaking dreams already archived
Who in the lonely airport

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