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A moment in mime

When I lived far away, we wrote, spoke & hoped for the time to be together. We dreamed of great works ...


The Patriarchy is Lying to You, Part One: The Utopia/Dystopia Scam

Life often puts us in a hamster wheel, where we are forever running in place, getting tired ...


On Saturday, a random man decided to come over to my table at a bar I was at. He overheard me fuming about something to my friends and decided he heard me say, ...


I'm not lucky, I'm not nice
I don't have the keys, but I can roll the dice
I'm not good, I'm not right
But I know the price of my soul
And what makes diamonds t...

Myth Race: Religion, Science, R - sherlarch | ello

The Myth of Race: Religion, Science, and Racial Separatists

A person’s perceived racial identity can be a blessing or a...


the brave warrior
and falls to her knees.

impaled by
the wooden sword
of pure innocence.

joyfully, half-present,
washing the blood
off her frightened e...


from the Second Epistle of Penelope to the Church at Azza
Book 17 of The Testament Unified
Verses 21-40

We make our own monsters.

We sit, ingloriously isolate...


Learn About Various Concepts About Grow Journal

Greater than the class in the past handful of years I've been acknowledged to supply my formal impression round...

Kintsugi Rowyn Hjelle Dan Mille - balkowitsch | ello

"Kintsugi" with Rowyn Hjelle and Dan Miller. 5x7" black glass ambrotype in the historic wet plate collodion process. Thi...

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