Rain, unmelted snow, cloudy day - iamblainediaz | ello

Rain, unmelted snow, and cloudy day? what else could go wrong . . .

Title: Rainy day in New York City
Location: One Wor...

Rainy Foggy Chicago drizzle fal - nisahnet | ello

Rainy Foggy Chicago

A little drizzle was falling on this foggy Chicago day, but the L keeps running and the city keeps ...


I have been feeling deeply the futility and pointlessness of it all. I long to experience shared love. I long to create art that moves and inspires. I feel surr...


Creating a collection highlighting the magic and mystery of the West Kootenays. This one, taken a few days ago on a rain...

Creating collection highlightin - terranart | ello

Quarter of 11
Spring sprinkles around 7
And I am dripping tears from thinking of you.
Sweet crisp smiles
Honey suckling humor
Forbidden sticky fingering
So mu...


Afternoon! Lickspittle back again, to spread the love! Today's Morning Coffee was a bluesy show for a wet, windy, rainy Tuesday. As much as I find The God of Th...

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