Poisonous Secret of a lair (A Poem Inspired By The Song “Catherine” By Evanescence)

I know what you hide behind my back

It still belongs to not just to you bu...


Code Of Waves
© Surazeus
2017 04 28

I am walking on smooth slippery stones
of the ocean beach in wild Oregon,
watching the sun thread soul-light in my bones...


Short Story: Miss Holly Lake and the Turning Leaves

Travel back to the 1930’s with Miss Holly Lake to find a missing alchemy textbook during a university’s tw...

Bhumibol Bridge (Thai: สะพานภูม - prudent | ello

The Bhumibol Bridge (Thai: สะพานภูมิพล), also known as the Industrial Ring Road Bridge, Bangkok


Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I love how this gentle ring turned out! ❤️
Available in my Etsy shop: truenoirar...

Peonies favorite flowers. love  - truenoir | ello

Mind of a war torn soul (Poem)

The sound of gun shots still ring in my head and the sounds of screams echo in the air

Their dying i hear someone say all while...


The Use of Blacks as Objects in Film/Television:
Throughout history, blacks have been viewed as objects from the perspective of select Caucasians. But rather th...



Today would have been four years with my ex. It seems crazy that it's only been a year since we've broken up. I can gladly say that I can finally thin...



The phone rings
the game begins

The door is locked
the curtains drawn

The clock strikes ten
Children's hour has begun

Bring out the toys
It's t...

Da '1 good dragon chronicles'  - dabadends | ello

Da '1 good dragon chronicles'
& 'da hypocrites lyrics.'
'da Lilliputian kingdom
of 'one' thousand blues'
parodoi or ei...


Justice Before Revenge
© Surazeus
2017 04 24

After chasing him through meadows of trees,
up winding trails in jagged mountain vale,
I corner him at narrow c...

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