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Tuesday 25th April 2017

"Madainn Mhath” …Fellow Scot, I hope the day brings joy...

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Why Does Everyone Hate Coco? Continued…

Part Eleven: Get out of my way and let me kill Coco!
We had barely started our strategy session when the telephone rang...


Short Story: I am Jane Doe: The Fire Stealer

Who is Jane Doe?

Jane Doe is an investigative journalist for the Toronto World Bulletin – she goes undercover to ...



Manisty Street cut through one of the poorest areas in London's East End, flanked by Victorian tenements which had been irreparably damaged...


Short Story: Miss Holly Lake and the Turning Leaves

Travel back to the 1930’s with Miss Holly Lake to find a missing alchemy textbook during a university’s tw...


Is it better to be at a standstill than no where at all?
My heart is so hesitant to let myself fall.
I can't tell what my gut is telling me anymore
My brain ov...


"Rope and twine are critical components in the technology of mobile hunters and gatherers. In exceptional cases impressions of string have been found in fired c...

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