Carnet Bleu: Encyclopedia of…shark, vol.I p22, pencil on paper by Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®, 7x5, 2009, lec80...

Carnet Bleu: Encyclopedia p22,  - bluepainter | ello
rediscovered retro Cat Family P - mirana | ello

I rediscovered this retro Cat Family Portrait I did. It still makes me laugh. If I finished it, would it sell as a print...

studio, work battling jet lag  - rachelkatstaller | ello

Back in the studio, back to work and battling with jet lag 🌝✨. Looking forward to these upcoming months and sharing some...


My Angel- Melissa R.
Handbook Travelogue Drawing Book (5. 50in. x 8.25 in.)

This message is for you, my best friend an...

Angel- Melissa Handbook Travelo - missymel6 | ello
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