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Dreams no. 50

Long night... Which also ended abruptly during a morning nightmare. But first things first. I already feel it's somewhat of a weird thing having ...


The archive of the radio show from 4/14/17

The Static Atomizer Radio Programme Show
broadcast date: 4/14/2017, 10 PM EDT
strap in, punkers! green mohawks and c...


things i want to text people rn but wont because i talk about it too much:
i would be unstoppable if i wasnt hairy
i'm skinny but its ruined bc if every inch of...


hi, it's been a millennia but here I am
I've finally written another poem, it's untitled so far and too long for my regular format (normally I screencap and pos...


well i got some stuff done today
and i am happy to report that while i may appear
lazy to outside lay people,
my muscles were finally all well and balanced enou...


To Activate Roku – Enter Roku Activation Code –

We need to first install it. Roku is very much simple and easy to install. It has a very simple process. When ...



Roku provides Roku Customer Support & Roku.com/link activation Technical Support to Roku users for various problems that u...

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