MMMMMM Bruce Banner DANK strawb - ytfc | ello

MMMMMM Bruce Banner #3 with that DANK strawberry nose this one is absolute FIRE!!
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Bruce Ban...

Shadow Intentions 100x100cm oil - matlakas | ello

The Shadow of Intentions
100x100cm oil and acrylic on canvas, London, 2017
This painting gives a deep look into the offe...


Yesterday was a good day to start tilling the garden and getting ready for spring crops. I tilled a little bit less tha...

Yesterday good day start tillin - ejfern28 | ello


Pi Day Was like Five Days Ago And I Bake A Pie Last Night Which Is Only Semi-Timely

The gag is that time is fake though am I right ladies!!!!! So it w...


Mini-Pavlovas with Strawberries, Orange, & Honey
My Grandmother made a beautiful pavlova, white as snow, and filled it w...

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