Today is one of those "everything I write is shit" days. The Muse is on vacation and I want to toss my laptop into the nearest fire. Sometimes I wonder if fancy...


Tiroas. . . . and "Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak"

Yesterday, in my long-winded post I mentioned that I have a thing for camera bags. Or to be precise, "someon...


Kine Decline, Part 2

If ever I said to you, "Why do you have to name it?" I would get it. I haven't. I won't. In a name is an essence, maybe? Did you try it? A...


Where are we? We are near death every day. We are close to each other, but at the same time very distant. How will we know the sense of life if we don't know th...


Today is the day I begin editing and preparing my first novel for release. The book's current title is Aperture, which I...


Horace said something like, "You took your dream and rammed it down life's throat." You know, as though I were Marduk in a girdle of gender constancy finishing ...



Troubled again with thoughts of
Broken ribs and rotten flesh.
Questions of self conquer the badlands
Of my heart. Waiting on the taste of blood
To leave...


despite all the ways he's upset me, whether it was with his
disinterest indifference silence neediness idealization equivalency love patronization anger a...

You died. And heaven. How die?  - aldentan | ello

You died.

And you made it!

You got to heaven.

How did you die? It doesn’t matter.

You made it. It’s all good now.


“Red chasing helicopters sighed - littlefears | ello

“Red is out there chasing helicopters again” sighed Yuffie.

“Does he ever catch anything?” asked Spectre.

“Yeah he has...


My mom and I just moved in here to New York. It’s a small studio apartment in the city. Why city? Because the previous s...


Words leave much to be desired,
desolate and blank, yet sometimes fruitful.

Words are bullets tossed and flung in the dark,
hoping to hit whatever mark they hope t...


Kine Decline, Part 1

Silvery slints like rain, pattering and splattering. If it's open, then it's there. I'm not without my charms, but damn. And there's nothi...


Vintage Footage
Our love
is like a camera flash.
You notice it
It catches your attention
but fades rather quickly.
Leaving behind evidence of its being.
The sti...


Tiroas. . . "Am I reading this right!" :squirrel:

I started this journey into photography just over a year now, one year and 17 d...



I don’t know why i don’t want to fall asleep
Body aching begging for rest
But my mind is rest less
Bling screens that illuminate my eyes
Activate synap...


Lesson Learned: Information Isn't Always Free

When I first started blogging, I thought it would be a great idea to adapt all of my most interesting historical...


“I’ll tell you one thing” said Spider. “I won’t miss all the clutter I accumulated during daily life.”

“Oh tell me abou...

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