weeks” Hill. sound replied Clou - littlefears | ello

“Wasn’t the best of weeks” said Hill.

“Doesn’t sound it” replied Clouds.

“You know she took my Bob Marley vinyl collec...

“Good grief loud” Spectre. set  - littlefears | ello

“Good grief it was loud” said Spectre.

“What set him off?” asked Fuen.

“He was trying to bring about the apocalypse” s...

Land long bougies smoke kitchen - commonalex_ | ello

Land mine

as long as bougies smoke at their kitchen,
their kids will blossom under the street lights
with roots so stro...


Our weekly'Ghostified City' episode: Adaman visits the old janitor, drinks mint tea from actual plants and hears more about the world he is living in.

“This wh...


Invoking the Huntress

The crescent beckons a heave,

a touch upon your corners,


a light brewing

not like a thunderstorm, or a torrent,

but a sickle...

Forest haiku memoir / Kashyapi  - kashyapi | ello

The Forest : A haiku memoir / By Kashyapi / 01

A solitary white cloud,
walking in the forest alone.

Trees softly whis...


T’étrangler de mes mots

Crier tout bas

Blesser, tuer, d’une phrase sanguinaire

Murmurer le secret de ma mélopée

Te dire

Tout ce que je n’ai jamais fait pou...


Draft About Faith

Wilted in sun-drenched
Summers, begging for
Life or water or blessing.
Dry throats calling toward
faces of benevolent.
Teeth chattering in p...


We were hiking along the edge of that cliff
The one where kids go to smoke
The cliffs a girl fell off of last year

You didn't know her - neither did I
I rememb...


I’ve been posting snippets of a novel I’m working on. Set in the near future, The Swarm tells the story of Dita Mazurek, a young girl with blood on her hands, a...

climbed side lighthouse” cried  - littlefears | ello

“When he climbed the side of the lighthouse” cried Lighthouse Keeper, “I felt the walls shake.”

“You must have been ter...

convinced” Sprite. evidence sug - littlefears | ello

“Not convinced” said Sprite.

“Well there is evidence to suggest she has been up to something for a while” replied Spect...


I've had a new experience today. As a beginning writer I haven't had a piece ripped to shreds since college. I posted The American Dream to a writers' forum see...


idk why i want to write this but i want to remind myself about the people who are important to me the people who i get most upset with ignore cut out of my life...

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