Hour of Pennies

We sit here lost, yet in total recognition
of these surroundings. Each inch of metal,
plastic and fabric that looms overhead is
ingrained against...


Black Bird, Fly! is available now at CreateSpace. It will become available at Amazon & Kindle in the next 72 hours, alth...

Black Bird, Fly! CreateSpace. A - smbowers | ello

"Forget Vegas, come to Ren Fair with us."

I was an hour out from Todd Mission when the GPS changed its course. All arou...

Forget Vegas, Ren Fair hour Tod - darkarcader | ello

Draft I Wrote While Eating Alone

I love to see you, driving along the white Plains of Minnesota or the redwoods of your tongue. Losing track of the trail, sea...

applications filled submitted r - kpapenbeat | ello

Last two applications I filled out and submitted for review? One was for a dog-walking service, because, let's face it,...

ma’ Bob?” asked voice. “Piss re - littlefears | ello

“What’s ma’ name Bob?” asked the voice.

“Piss off,” replied Bob.

“Say my name Bob,” said the voice.

“Never,” said Bob...


I used to beat myself up about not writing every day. "Real writers" write every day. Stephen King says so and he would know a thing or two about it. Then I con...

Bug?” Fuen. missus kicked sighe - littlefears | ello

“What’s up, Bug?” said Fuen.

“The missus just kicked me out,” sighed Bug.

“But why?” asked Fuen.

“’Cause I put CCTV u...

MORGAN POWELL: “Queer Black Fem - rlegacy | ello

MORGAN POWELL: “Queer Black Feminist”

Morgan Powell, discussed with us her involvement in the Women's March on Washingt...

watch Billions night. scary. re - kpapenbeat | ello

I never watch Billions at night. Too scary. Too real. I only watch it during the day. Preferably when the sun is shin...

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