I created a lot of artwork in 2016! In addition to the hundreds of drawings for my autobiographical graphic novel "Secrets of Silent James" (out soon!), and my collaboration series with author Laurie Penny, here are my favorites from 2016...

created lot artwork 2016! addit - silentjames | ello

Stranger Things season 1 - watercolor and ink. Love this series very much!

Grace Jones live at the Greek Theater, Berkeley - marker. Grace Jones is a goddess, she was the greatest performer I've ever seen live! A wardrobe change every song! Love is the drug...

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - watercolor and ink. Ana Lily Amirpour's great vampire film. The disco ball scene was mesmerizing!

Melt-Banana - marker. I saw them live with Napalm Death. They're a favorite band of mine...

Katherine E Scharhon and Family - ink and marker. Katherine is an artist and actor, she starred in one of my favorite films: Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain.

Happy Anniversary - marker. The loves of my life.

Rock Against the TPP - marker. I attended a free show in my neighborhood, a fantastic line up of performers aligned around the opposition of the TPP.

Zoetica Ebb - ink, marker, watercolor. Illustration celebrating brilliant artist & indiviual: Zoetica Ebb. She makes the most incredible art & offers a fearless point of view. Become her patreon @zoetica is extraordinary!!!

Those were my favorite illustrations from 2016. Stay tuned for the official release of my illustrated autobiography "Secrets of Silent James" in the near future.