I added 15 new scenarios to the next game today (Siege, Holy War, Duel, Demon Invasion, etc).

So far there are 40 advantages and 35 disadvantages in the Hardcore game. Some disadvantages will be good for some characters though.

Sometimes you know the right way to do something, but you are sure it won't work, but then it does and you are pleasantly surprised. :)

I'm playing a little Lords of Xulima today for research purposes. It's fun so far.

I've been adding character advantages and disadvantages to the hardcore game the last couple of days.

I shifted back to working on the next game for a little while. It is strange seeing all of the new expansion stuff in the next game.

It is weird when you are a bard, you are infected, and your aura is healing all of the nearby zombies that are attacking your friends.

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