Crafting items will get some more uses in the Zombasite expansion like improving gems, fixing doors, and resurrecting guards.

I improved the world map/minimap today for the Zombasite expansion, but I think I'm going to sneak it into the next patch instead.

Today I'm adding some ruins levels to the Zombasite expansion.

In the Zombasite expansion there will be way more variety in town guards (traps, totems, etc) and you can place them anywhere in town.

I have the Bard up and running in the Zombasite expansion. Some skills: Inspire Greatness, Asphyxiate, Illusionary Monster, and Archaeology.

In the next Zombasite patch, there will be several UI improvements.

In the Zombasite expansion, town layouts will have way more variety.

In the Zombasite expansion, the large crystals that are here and there in the world will have powerful auras that apply to everyone nearby.

In the Zombasite expansion you will be able to put NPCs and guards anywhere you want in your town.

I think I might add a Bard as a new class in the Zombasite expansion with Minstrel, Illusionist, and Sage specialties.

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