"From these Walls of Concrete"

We could play together,
We could count together,
You hide and I'll count,
I'll write on ...

Walls Concrete play count hide  - sreejith_jayachandran | ello

"The Walk - II"
>> It's a second installation of my poem "The Walk" . Back then I never thought for a part two! <<

Empty beer bottles.
Blue Tees, and that fr...

> An open letter to my alltime classmates <

I tried to open up,
I showed the path I came through,
The empty places I have been through,
People, you pretended a...


The civilisation cramps, the colour fades,

Masturbating my feelings, staring at the horizon

I see him, his eyes...


It’s darker in here,

They just prick me,

And me, and me,

It’s just darker,

Some scars,

It’s more darker,...

Darker darker prick darker, sca - sreejith_jayachandran | ello

Happy New Year to all my fellow #elloians :ello: , this was a great year.
I take this post as a chance to thank all the people who made me smile.
Thank You All :heart: :bread:


The year was 1977, when he was born.
Eighteen years, he lived for non.

He stabbed himself to dead,
on twenty...

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