Delighted to finally show this one for Ireland's newest craft brewery, Hopfully Brewing :)
The Bootlegger design is inspired by Irish mobster, Dean (Dion) O'Banion. With the onset of Prohibition in 1920's Chicago, O'Banion's North Side Gang ran the Gold Coast supposedly making $1 million a year on liquor. He used a florist shop to launder his money and in the process became the florist of choice for mob funerals (a busy shop no doubt:). Wikipedia also states "he was fond of flowers and was an excellent arranger" - nice to see he had a softer side:)
He was murdered by a rival gang on the morning of November 10, 1924, shot in the back of the neck while clipping chrysanthemums in his shop.

Delighted finally show newest c - stevesimpson | ello

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