Me, The Huz, and Inkling got our picture in the paper. Tragic that five people died in the storm last week, as that's w...

Huz, Inkling picture paper. Tra - theanimatedwoman | ello

PickleWeasel Shamrocks.

Took a little break from making a zillion clip art drawings to do some animation for you.


American History sets are live! I'm part of this collaborative artists group. Store-hop to get the freebie starting with...

American History sets live! par - theanimatedwoman | ello

Any font geeks out there know this font? I can't seem to find it in any of my searches.

font geeks font? find searches - theanimatedwoman | ello

The Very Bored Elephant.

It used to be the biggest thing in the room, and now, three years later, the shrinking elephan...

Bored Elephant. biggest room, y - theanimatedwoman | ello


So Inkling and I went out into the squalling snow winter weather with the dog, trudging through about a foot of fluffy white stuff, all magical and sparkling ...

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