A RoundUp of Recent Tech Tags


:point_right: @dudedave shares a post on Nameless ROM

:point_right: @lydiacaldana has a post on the possibility of becoming living cyborgs!
check it here.

:point_right: @ellowebdesign has a thought provoking piece on how The Web Sucks Now.

:point_right: Can artists make a living from their art??
@touit has a post here about the ‘interactive tip jar’.

:point_right: Can the sounds of a coffee cafe boost your creativity?
See for yourself… @decorkiki has the goods here about the new app, Coffitivity.

:point_right: Are you interested in ‘Turpial’ - the light, fast, and fully functional Twitter [microblogging] client written in Python? if so, check out @eugene_44vdw ’s post <a href="https://ello.co/eugene44_vdw/post/E9sDCzD6DWcQORdKo54XGg">here.

:point_right: @dredmorbius has a post highlighting a piece by Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive, on the ‘Call for a Distributed Web’. Check it out here.

:point_right: Curious about the invention of the digital camera? Check out a fascinating piece on the inventor, Steven Sasson - posted by @ferdiz

:point_right: @kristofferkarlsson has written out some thoughts on privacy and countermeasures to facial recognition, among other things. Check out his post here.

:point_right: Lastly, speaking again of robots… (see the above image :point_up: and the previous post :point_down:) @andrew—if - shares this video of an industrial robot vs a sword master.