We have been away from Ello for too long ! But it was for a good cause : making our issue | 04 " IN UTOPIAE ARCHIPELAGO ", gathering great editorial content, starting with the @spoonxello 30 pages portfolio featuring fashion+art creative users from our fav social network and trying to make the best magazine we could do ! Magazines should be around by the end of the month !

You can pre-order SPOON | 04 or previous issues and remember :
SPOON is an ad-free, fine-Art and slow fashion photography magazine
We rely only on our readers orders for publishing our contents.

Thank you to all who helped us to make this happen :
@lucian @todd @budnitz @markgelband @amber @emmanuelgimeno @stevehiett @corneliapermstadebergstrom @chadaeva @pcc1609 @larsbotten @sannasaastamoinenbarrois @idolmusic @madmoizel @pfuma @karinechaneyin @emiliagenuardi @kitschreligion

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