Stinginess connection economy E - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

Stinginess in the connection economy

EXCERPT: "When six people are trying to split a pizza, some stinginess appears. A...


EXCERPT: "This is not the same as reality. But without belief in the possibility, your reality is going to ...

Possibility EXCERPT: reality. b - toolshabitsattitudes | ello
bananas EXCERPT: consumed world - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

The thing about bananas

EXCERPT: "About half of all the bananas consumed worldwide come from the same tree.

Not the sa...

worked Excerpt: Waking sleeping - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

On getting worked up

Excerpt: "Waking up a sleeping bear is difficult.

People hibernate too.

But it turns out that on...

bureaucracy EXCERPT: lets hook  - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

What bureaucracy can't do for you


It lets us off the hook in many ways. It creates systems and momentum and ...

Groucho runs deep teach learn.  - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

Groucho runs deep
We become what we teach and what we learn.

EXCERPT: "Groucho Marx famously said, "I don't want to be ...

understand EXCERPT: Modern mark - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

When we understand

EXCERPT: "Modern marketing, the craft of getting ideas to spread, has split.

On one side are the r...

invisible fence EXCERPT: fences - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

The invisible fence

EXCERPT: "There are very few fences that can stop a determined person (or dog, for that matter).


truth EXCERPT: years Fleischman - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

To tell the truth


"Thirty years ago, Fleischmann and Pons announced that they were able to create fusion at r...

EXCERPT: connect exert power da - toolshabitsattitudes | ello


EXCERPT: "You connect with someone.

But you exert power over someone.

You can dance and communicate and eng...

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