invisible fence EXCERPT: fences - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

The invisible fence

EXCERPT: "There are very few fences that can stop a determined person (or dog, for that matter).


truth EXCERPT: years Fleischman - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

To tell the truth


"Thirty years ago, Fleischmann and Pons announced that they were able to create fusion at r...

EXCERPT: connect exert power da - toolshabitsattitudes | ello


EXCERPT: "You connect with someone.

But you exert power over someone.

You can dance and communicate and eng...

You EXCERPT: "Of millions years - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

You can look it up


"Of course, for millions of years, people couldn't look it up. They couldn't read and they...

Pavlov's in your pocket


"Why do people buy lottery tickets?

It's certainly not based on any rational analysi...

worked Excerpt: Waking sleeping - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

On getting worked up

Excerpt: "Waking up a sleeping bear is difficult.

People hibernate too.

But it turns out that on...

bureaucracy EXCERPT: lets hook  - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

What bureaucracy can't do for you


It lets us off the hook in many ways. It creates systems and momentum and ...

Proximity intimacy EXCERPT: tal - toolshabitsattitudes | ello

Proximity and intimacy


"I recently did a talk where the organizer set up the room in the round, with the sta...

How to make a sign


"There it is, at every entrance to the terminal at LaGuardia, one of the busiest airports...

When your phone uses you


"Your smartphone has two jobs.

On one hand, it was hired by you to accomplish cer...

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