Postcards from Senja, the Miniature Norway

Some time ago, while we were sitting together at dinner with our families, m...


Sardinia Off The Beaten Path

Many people see Sardinia as a small continent in itself, because of its unique variety of la...


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Photographers

Do you agree with my list? What else would you add to it?

I'd love to h...

The 7 Habits

The Traveling Image Makers Podcast, Ep. 4 – The Human Element with Mitchell Kanashkevich.

A few years ago, while I was ...


A Man For All Seasons

That would be me, apparently ;)

With many thanks to Happy Bondi and Kim Anglin for publishing th...


The Traveling Image Makers Podcast, Ep. 5 – Near and Far With Chris Upton

Sometimes, the most interesting travel destin...


Using the Human Figure in Landscape Photography, Part II – To Clone Or Not To Clone?

Photoshop is a fantastic tool and ...

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