Updated information about the waiting lists for genital surgery at Charing Cross have been published. Please note that this is statistics for the surgical team at Charing Cross, regardless of which GIC the patient has been referred from. Also it is not currently possible to get information about waiting times at Nuffield Hospital or the Andrology Centre.

Current statistics on gender reassignment surgery at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, as of the end of January 2016:

  • There are 301 people on our waiting list
  • 24 people have been approved for their operation and given a date
  • 34 people have been approved for their operation and are awaiting a date
  • 72 people are ‘on hold’ as they are not yet fit for surgery
  • 171 people are waiting for an initial consultation with the consultant
  • five patients left the waiting list without surgery (this includes patients who have been discharged back for not attending their appointments or who no longer wish to proceed with surgery) the average waiting time for patients who received treatment was 73.7 weeks
  • two patients were transferred to a private provider

During January 2016:
* eight people had surgery (four procedures were performed by Phil Thomas and four by Tina Rashid)
* 12 pre-operative assessments were carried out
* we received 23 new referrals
* 18 Imperial patients were treated by a private provider

More info http://nhsgenderid.com/10-news/51-chx-grs-jan16


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