Amiga Future 112 has been released.

The latest issue of the last remaining #Amiga print magazine is available in English and German language (both editions are otherwise identical).

Previews: ArtBase

Reviews: RapidRoad, Kultmagazin, Os4 Depot games, AskMeUp, VoxelNoid, Back to the Golden Age, Centron 3D, Aquanaut, Renegades Deluxe, Icaros Desktop, Backup, MPlayerGUI, CodeAudio, SimpleMail, AmigaOS 4.1 Final

Specials: Demoscene, Classic Reflections part 19: DKB Software

Workshops: Programming #AmigaOS 4 part 10

Misc: Interview AmigaOS 4.1, Showreport AmiWest 2014, Editorial, Content, News, Imprint, Content Cover CD, Letters to the Editor, Preview



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