Golden Cockerel Press major Eng - vivlio | ello

The Golden Cockerel Press

The Golden Cockerel Press was a major English fine press operating between 1920 and 1961.

Slipcase* lot research slipcase - vivlio | ello

The Slipcase*
A lot of research has been done on different slipcase production methods and materials so in a sudden turn...

Companion II - Illustrations Wo - vivlio | ello

Companion II - Illustrations
Working on the first layouts for the Companion publications of The Universe of Tom Sawyer.

days opened Instagram account o - vivlio | ello

Just a few days ago, we opened a new Instagram account in order to capture some of our research and work in progress, on...

Universe Tom Sawyer? kind infog - vivlio | ello

What is the Universe of Tom Sawyer?
(A kind of infographic)

Print Book mockup book cover, d - vivlio | ello

The Print Book
A new mockup for the book cover, just a few days before we get the prototype in our hands (that will incl...

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