Book Browser expanded notes vie - vivlio | ello

Book in Browser expanded notes view as designed for our first prototype back in 2015,

Interesting mood-board archives - vivlio | ello

Interesting mood-board from the archives.
A few concepts for displaying encoded information from the book and study its...

Storyboard ideas storyboard, pr - vivlio | ello

First ideas of a storyboard, preparing our Kickstarter video. A lot of things to say in a very little time bu...

Reading Browser Digging vivlio  - vivlio | ello

Reading on Browser

Digging the vivlio archives and really happy to rediscover a series of sketches on Book in Browser c...

Book Prototypes ultra happy pro - vivlio | ello

Book Prototypes
We are ultra happy to have the first four prototypes of the Book of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


Golden Cockerel Press major Eng - vivlio | ello

The Golden Cockerel Press

The Golden Cockerel Press was a major English fine press operating between 1920 and 1961.

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