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Sometimes everything falls into place – and sometimes it doesn’t. You know, I might like what I painted but maybe then again it falls short of being a more meaningful painting. I frequently paint over a face but leave an image showing through as a template for the next iteration. This provides depth to the next image and some great surprises as I scrape through one image and down to the next. I have been working on this canvas – Destiny 16, for maybe three years. Maybe she is done. I admit that there are times when I wish I had left well enough alone but then again well enough is probably not good enough. This painting has change quite a bit yet it still retains a sense of the first go around.

I have incorporated a bunch of my favorite techniques including the little lines and scribbles.

I originally did the lines while drawing on my iPad with my drawing group last Friday. I did a small portrait with these lines and I decided to superimpose them on this large portrait.

If you own one of my paintings and I show up at your door with a paintbrush, do not open the door.

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