Ello supports member-powered communities as a way to share and discuss specific areas of interest.

You may join a community simply by following the community profile as you would any other member profile. A collection of posts from many of our most heavily used communities can be found in the [Community Category] (

Please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to start a new community.

Want to Start an Ello Community?

Go for it. Create your own community. We want to empower our members to connect in the ways that matter to them. To create a community of your own, simply log out from your existing personal profile account, and make a new account using an appropriate name for your community.

Please note that you will have to use a different email address for each account.

Below is a list of best practices to help your Ello community thrive:

  • Post regularly to keep your followers engaged and excited
  • Communities perform best when their moderators post at least once every three days, but not more than five times per day (If you publish numerous posts all at once, every day your members may become overwhelmed and stop following you.)
  • We recommend no more than a few posts per hour
  • Do not mass-follow people or mention unrelated members in your posts as a way to gain follow-backs (This can appear spammy and usually backfires.)
  • Expect to receive submissions from the people who are following your community — It’s cool when this happens.
  • Do your best to repost high-quality submissions and remember, It is perfectly OK not to repost everything members submit to you (Simply leave a comment or Love their submission as a way to thank them for sending something).
  • Use large, high-quality images whenever possible (Images that are 1000 pixels wide or larger tend look best on Ello.)
  • Add personality to your posts. Keep your community lively by adding comments when you repost someone else’s post
  • Format your posts using bold, italics, and hyperlinks in your text
  • Keep longer text blocks short and readable by breaking them up with regular line breaks
  • Most of all, have fun!

What’s an Ello “Featured Community”?

Well-run communities that build a substantial following may become for “Featured Community” status.

Featured Communities may show up on the Ello Editorial homepage, be recommended to new members during the account creation process, may be added to the Community Directory, or listed in the [Communities Category(

Featured communities tend to have:

  • More than 50 followers
  • More than 15 high-quality posts
  • Display large, high-resolution photos
  • Format text for visual appeal
  • Regularly post inspiring and relevant topics
  • Have a clear, explanatory profile bio
  • Post regularly but not excessively

If you’d like your community to be considered for Ello Featured Community status, please e-mail the Ello Community Support Team at [email protected].

Similarly, if you decide you can no longer lead your community, but wish to see it remain intact under new leadership please let us know. Communities that are inactive for 60 days or more, may lose their featured status.

Community List: