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Updated March 26, 2016


Updated March 26, 2016

Many Ello members have created communities as a way to share and discuss specific interests.

You can join any community simply by following them as you would any other account.

Communities can also be found in the Community Category, here.

Email [email protected] if you’d like to start a new community, and scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

Community List:

3D · Lead: @momosby



Architecture · Lead: @rachelmauricio

Australia · Lead: @garylight

Art · Lead: @carlosbob

Backcountry · Lead: @dutchess70

Bikes · Lead: @kansascity

Bridges · Lead: @anthonystevens

Cannabis · Lead: @quechuapi


Coffee · Lead: @anferneeck




Design · Lead: @cgwarex

Design (Unique Collections)

Dice and Paper · Lead: @fuckyouthatsmyname

DIY · Lead: @alexi


Drag · Lead: @sisterindica


Equestrian · Lead: @sophiesoloneventing

Events · Lead: @souldancer

Fashion · Lead: @pjsmith

Fashion Photography


Film (Experimental)

Finance · Lead: @aarons_house

Food Photography

Future · Lead: @lydiacaldana & @fashionsabi

Geometry · Lead: @aarton

Gifs · Lead: @manzello

Gifs · Lead: @cacheflowe

Glitch Art · Lead: @iamtiel

Graffiti · Lead: @fylling

Graphic Design · Lead: @benderski

Green · Lead: @andrew--lf

Guilty Pleasures · Lead: @FreyaMoonlight

History · Lead: @anthonystevens

Home · Lead: 丹野 洋絵


Japan · Lead: 丹野 洋絵

Kite Surfing · Lead: @oceanromeo

Landscape · Lead: @andrew_marr

Languages · Lead: @keiser9000

Latin Talent

Makers · Lead: @iamthelab

Meditation · Lead: @meditation


Minerals · Lead: @sturmmadchen

Minimal · Lead: @k_ng_

Monochromatic · Lead: @aelisei

Music (Ambient) · Lead: @johnkochnorthrup

Music (General) · Lead: @adachic

Music (Hip Hop) · Lead: @ricojames

Music (Jazz) · Lead: @pete_gitlin

Nature Photography

New Ello Users · Lead: @chelsea

News · Lead: @dallasnews

New Zealand

Outside · Lead: @wasimofnazareth

Patterns · Lead: @pupapop

Photography · Lead: @juangonzalez

Photography (Amateur) · Lead: @bisje

Photography (Fujifilm) · Lead: @thelightandlens

Photography (iPhone) · Lead: @kanemassey

Photography (Nikon) · Lead: @edbuzz


Poetry · Lead: @hdpoetryandmusic

Privacy · Lead: @mrbinsk


Quotes · Lead: @mattlaff

Railways · Lead: @kohoso


Resistance · Lead: @snippe

Security · Lead: @mrbinsk

Self Portraiture · Lead: @lotuscarroll

Ships · Lead: @mattgharvey

Sicut Esse

Sound Design · Lead: @le-siul

Sports · Lead: @jpurvisturton

Tapes and Vinyl · Lead: @chuckpee


Tennis · Lead: @paulaewa

Textiles · Lead: @whitefeatherhunter



Toronto · Lead: @badcamera

Toys · Lead: @renspacemadness & @libedlulo

Travel · Lead: @andreameli


Typography · Lead: @csilverman

Unique Goods

Web Design · Lead: @gcervello

Writing · Lead: @tvansantana

Yoga · Lead: @chelsea

Zen · Lead: @afurst

Here’s a quick guide to help you create and maintain your own community!

Community accounts are just like any other Ello account. To create one of your own, simply log out from your personal account, make a new account from the Ello home page using an appropriate name for your community, and begin posting! Please note that you will have to use a different email address for each account.

Over months of watching communities grow, we’ve learned some practices that can help make your Ello community thrive:

  • Post regularly to keep your followers engaged and excited. Communities work best when their moderators post at least once every three days, but not more than five posts per day. If you submit your posts all at once every day they may stop following you. We recommend no more than a few posts per hour.

  • Don’t mass-follow people or mention unrelated users in your posts as a way to gain follow-backs. This can appear spammy and usually backfires.

  • You will get submissions from the people who are following your community. It’s awesome when this happens. Do your best to repost only the highest-quality submissions you receive! It really is OK not to repost everything that people submit to you — always write a friendly comment or “love” their submission as a way to thank them for sending something in, even if you aren’t going to use their post.

  • Use large, high-quality images whenever possible. Images that are 1000 pixels wide or larger look best on Ello.

  • Add personality to your posts. Keep things alive by adding comments when you repost someone else’s post.

  • Format your posts. You can use bold, italics, and hyperlinks in your text. Keep longer text blocks short and readable by breaking them up with regular line breaks.

  • Most of all, have fun!

What’s an “Ello Featured Community”?

Exceptional communities that build a substantial following may become an “Ello Featured Community”.

Ello Featured Communities may show up on the Ello homepage, be recommended when people create new accounts, added to the Community Directory, or listed in the "Communities" Category.

These communities usually:

  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Have at least 15 high-quality posts
  • Use large, high-resolution photos
  • Format text for visual appeal
  • Post inspiring and relevant topics
  • Have a clear, explanatory bio
  • Post regularly but not excessively

If you’d like your community to be considered as an Ello Featured Community, please e-mail the Ello Community Support Team at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you. (Also, if you decide you no longer have time to lead your community, please let us know.)