Public Benefit Corp.

Ello was designed by creators, for creators. It's our mission to put creators first.

The mainstream "social media" companies have all become data aggregators and advertising platforms. They collect and sell user data and serve their users as many advertisements as possible.

Ello is different. We're building a sustainable community with revenue models to empower creators and enable them to earn a living through their art and creativity.

When it came time to raise money, we chose investors aligned with our mission and values. To assure that Ello could never sell member data and that we would always remain ad-free, we formed a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). A PBC is a for-profit company that exists to produce a benefit for society as a whole — not just to make money for its investors.

The Ello PBC charter states in the strongest legal terms possible that:

1) Ello shall never make money from selling ads;
2) Ello shall never make money from selling user data; and
3) In the event that Ello is ever sold, the new owners will have to comply by these terms.

Ello exists for the benefit of the creative community, and we will never serve ads or sell personal data.

We, as founders and investors in Ello, vow to support Ello’s mission and to abide by the terms of the Ello Charter.


Todd Berger
Lee Bouyea
Paul Budnitz
David Cohen
Cairn Cross
Tim Davis
Brad Feld
Lucian Föhr
Justin Gitlin
Matthew Kitt
Seth Levine
Ryan McIntyre
Jason Mendelson
Ari Newman
Mark Solon
Damon Way
Gabe Varela
Jay Zeschin

October 23, 2014

See the signed letter.

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