Text & Emoji

In the Ello Omnibar, you have a great deal of control over how your text looks. You can bold, italicize, and strikethrough text. You can create lists, links and much more!

Read on to learn how.

Use the text WYSIWYG

The simplest way is to highlight some of the text in your Omnibar post. A small WYSIWYG appears, which will allow you to make your text bold, italic, or add a link.

Edit menu

If you wish to format text in other ways, or want to enter formatting commands quickly using your keyboard, read on below to learn how to use Ello Markdown Language.

Ello Markdown

For more advanced text editing, Ello uses Markdown, a series of formatting commands that you enter with your keyboard as you type. Ello Markdown is a fast, simple way to type special characters that tell Ello how to display your text.

We chose to include Markdown as a way to format text in the Omnibar for its simplicity, flexibility, and ubiquity. Programmers have been using Markdown since the late 1980’s, but anyone can use it and it is very easy to learn.

Below is a guide to Ello Markdown.

Making text Bold and Italic

Surround the text you want to format using asterisk (*) symbols.

To create italics, use a single asterisk on either side of a block of text, like this:

*This text will be italic*

This text will be italic.

Surrounding text by two asterisks makes text bold:

**This text will be bold**

This text will be bold

Both * or _ symbols work to make text bold or italic. This way you can combine bold and italic as needed in the same sentence. For example:

**Everyone _must_ drink beer at 7 o’clock today.**

Everyone must drink beer at 7 o’clock today.


Put a double ~ symbol on either side of the text you want to strikethrough. For example:

~~I don’t like cheese~~

Bulleted Lists

Make a bulleted list by preceding list items with a single asterisk (*). Note that you need a space between the asterisk and the text.

  • Clean Shaven
  • Bearded
  • Furry

Numbered Lists

Create a numbered list by preceding list items with a number.

  1. Apple.
  2. Banana.
  3. Vaseline.


Create a text link by wrapping the linked text in brackets [ ], and then wrapping the link in parenthesis ( ).

For example, type this:

[Visit Ello Now!](https://ello.co)

and get this:

Visit Ello Now!

Code Blocks

Add code blocks by adding ` before and after text.

Check out this code block.

Ello supports emojis!

To use an emoji in your post, begin by typing a colon : in your post or comment. A pop-up menu will appear offering you a choice of Emojis.

To see an entire list of emojis and their codes, check out the "Emoji Cheat Sheet".

Have fun!


Updated August 21, 2017Support