Monday 2015.06.01 | @catchphrasedan

Daniel Campbell is a :gb: artist. His description of himself sounds like a collection of He-Man characters: Illustrator, Exaggerator, Elaborator, Alligator, Cheese Grater, Triangulator, Dumbwaiter, Percolator.

I think you'll all agree that his work is definitly :bread:. Here are some examples!


Part of #GoFishFriday. Each week he goes fish and adds a new card to the GoFishFriday deck. This is the #4ofSpades.


I was sitting in the sun just now when this here fella came walkin’ past and tipped me off my chair, took my lemonade and called me a really rude name. Boy if I didn’t have the sun in my eyes I’d call up the law man and tell him a tale!


It’s Saturday afternoon so here are a bunch of #fatbirdsintheirpants flapping and flopping majestically in the blue sky - what a scene!


Head in a jar, head in a jar there’s a HEAD IN A JAR #headinajar


I've been drawing sad shirtless green men today for a thang - here is a sneaky peeky cheeky leaky picture of one :cactus:



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