The other week I asked @pauloabrantes if he would be willing to answer a few questions for YD:bread:. He was and he did but then I had a bunch of internet issues and other things pop up that got in the way of me posting his answers. (Sorry for the delay Paulo!)

But everything :knocks on wood: seems all sorted now and without any further delay . . .

:three: Questions with Paulo Abrantes

:one: The vast majority of your photos on ello are in black and white. Other accounts, like your Instagram, for example, has color. Why the difference?

I believe that each social media platform should be used for different types of communication. I try to arrange/share my work imagining that each platform is a drawer.
Ello, through its philosophy and minimalist design suggests me that I organize the work, with which I identify myself more, mainly black and white, here.

I always try to intersect dialogues and create narratives along the posts that I publish.

:two: Why do you think you photograph the world? What is it about a certain subject that catches your eye?

“Take the world: leave me the moment." said one of the main Portuguese poets, Fernando Pessoa.

I try to live moments in the big landscape photography scenarios. A photographer and History Teacher, Manuel Miranda, defined my work, this way:

“His images, while presenting themselves as the photographic receptacle of an experience - the mental experience of the discovery of natural signs that remain beyond the humanization of space - prefer the frontal restitution of the landscape to the exploration of the smallest, but densest traces, that allow us to build it mentally, guessing it, in its disconcerting harmony, its mute dramas, in its silent decomposition and in the resurrection that time perpetually assures."

A lot of my photographs happen from instants that occur and at that moment I am in tune with what I observe or with what is happening. There is never, as a starting point, an explicit intention of what will end up being the final product. I do not have a set or preferred theme. Or, I do not think if I am going to photograph or not. Things happen, you just have to pay attention, be an observer.

:three: Can you tell me more about this chicken? There's something really amazing going on here. How did you take this shot?

The rooster and the chicken are a Portuguese symbol. Do you know the Barcelos Rooster? It is usual do have roosters and chickens in small yards of some Portuguese houses. It is a very common image in the Portuguese landscape. The focus in this photograph is the magical power of photographic editing, the high contrast and the defining of textures takes us to many imaginaries. This is what I want when I share my work in Ello, to suggest imaginaries to people that may be a source of inspiration for their own works.



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