Our most recent :bread: recipient @hexeosis was good enough to step out of his kaleidoscope and answer a few questions and share his answers with the :ello: community!

I present :three: Questions with Hexeosis

:one: What is it about the gif you think that seems to endear it to people?

I think one of the main appeals is the bite-sized nature of the format. It doesn't require the same kind of time commitment as watching a video clip. And also they can go most places that still images will go but with the added benefit of movement.

:two: How fun was the whole "I'm holding your stickers ransom until you give me some stickers?"

I walk most places I go, and so for a few weeks I put stickers up in random places as I went around town. One Sunday morning I was walking to meet a friend for a movie and I noticed most of the stickers I had put up on that particular street were gone. (Santa Monica does a really good job of keeping the city clean, so I figured the city graffiti patrol had taken them down, which is fair enough.)

I got about halfway to the theater when I looked up and saw that sign attached to the streetlight. I started laughing, I thought it was amazing. I found it to be very inspirational that someone would have that much initiative, creativity and tenacity to invest the time and energy to leave a custom note like that. The entire experience strongly appealed to my Zen Discordian nature. I texted my friend that I would be late because someone left a note for me taped to a streetlight and I had to stop and take pictures of it for my blog. He replied "of course." Most of my friends know that I can usually be found in the middle of some kind of incomprehensible situation.

:three: Did you ever see the opening to Beyond the Black Rainbow? I think you'd like it. I couldn't get through the film itself but I did get the soundtrack. If you could redo an opening for any movie what would it be and can you give us a sketch of how it would look and what music you might use?

Yeah I like that title sequence, it's cool. I think I watched that movie with the sound off once. My personal favorite opening titles are the opening to Enter the Void. However, I wouldn't redo the opening to any movie as I have worked on many film title sequences and I can tell you from experience the entire process is a pain the ass.