light dark Model/Outfit: Zedena - zeitunschaerfe | ello

A light in the dark
Model/Outfit: Zedena von Tharendt @ Zeitunschaerfe
Photo: Sylvia Welter

dreaming steampunk faun
model/outfit: Zeitunschaerfe, Zedena von Tharendt
photo: Shrix Art

Steampunk faun in the woods
Outfit, Model: Zedena von Tharendt
Photo: Natascha Sonner

white door Model/Outfit: Zedena - zeitunschaerfe | ello

The white door
Model/Outfit: Zedena von Tharendt, Zeitunschaerfe
Photo: Karsten Schmidt (flamecat)

Steampunk outfit "Dystopia" by Zeitunschaerfe
Model: Zedena von Tharendt
Photo: Swen Stiebig

relaxing at the back of the drivers cabin of steam locomotive 52 4544

model: Zedena von Tharendt
outfit & jewelry: Zeit...

First result from the shooting at the primeval forest Sababurg.
Photo: ShrixArt

Testing the make up for my steampunk faun.
Can not wait for the pics from the photo shoot last weekend!

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