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Destroying since '99
Co-Founder of Inksurge Design Studio

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Manila-born in the mid-'80s, Erin Nøir (not her legal name) finished two pre-medical degrees in Science, but has found her one true love in the Arts through images and words. Formerly the chief editor of Lomography's international magazine, she now runs her own non-profit creative platform, Parallel Planets and self-publishes her own film photographs into a mini zine, MONO. She is an alumnus of Invisible Photographer Asia and the Angkor Photo Workshops. A svelte gamine, a monochromaniac, and a catwoman, Erin found & left her soul in the alternate universe of Tokyo, where she goes by the name くろねこ.

Ello, say hello to @erinn0ir / @erinb1anc

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    Resonance Aura by XCEED

    In echoing the spiritual and ritual symbol (Mandala) in Hinduism and Buddhism, XCEED present Resonance Aura, a kinetic installation that combines generative visual, sound and mechanical movement. The project is commissioned by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and exhibiting in 時間遊人 The Past is Continuing

    Mandala, in Tantra tradition, is regarded as the central focus point of energy, representing the Universe. The monks needed to stay in high-concentration or even fall into the state of meditation when creating the mandala. With the repetitive circles as the essential element, mandala produces different symmetrical sacred geometry.

    Being the extension series of XCEED’s previous work Resonance Seed, Resonance Aura is presenting a new dimension of Mandala and thus to create a new perspective of energy.

    Inspired by the mechanics of a watch, the tourbillon-like system built with Resonance Aura perform in a dynamic choreographed movement. With the time-axis added, the form of Mandala is being transcended into a three-dimensional kinetic sculpture.

    In sonic aspect, ancient Solfeggio-Frequency is introduced in the soundtrack. Sound of the singing bowls formed basic tone and combined with its relative carrier waveform. The creation of the ambience come with a sound healing motif, helping the audience to reconcile their consciousness. Resonance Aura is all about body, mind, soul, energy and time.

    1.5m (W) x 1.5m (L) x 1.5m (H)

    Steel, TV, Glasses, Arduino, Motors

    Openframeworks, Ableton Live, Reaktor, OSC

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    XEX is an interdisciplinary creative studio based in Hong Kong, established in 2007 and focusing in brand imaging design with cross-media platform. XEX leads the visual communication from the elements of imagery and interactive design. XEX means creation on non-existence. XEX's artist label XCEED, previously XEX GRP., founded in 2007, is a new media art label based in Hong Kong, focusing on digital art installation, spatial design and interactive performance. The works has been selected to various international art festivals, screenings, exhibitions and performances, showcased in the countries including Italy, Argentina, Brazil, US and more in Asian cities. Recent artworks have been selected and commissioned by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. Latest collaborations work with art organizations including Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet and more. XCEED is about transcending boundaries, a new media art collective pursue technological innovations.

    Had the chance to meet ADC YG 11 founder Chris Cheung early last year and visited their HK Studio . Really inspiring and a true innovator. Check out more of his works at h0nh1m.com and at Xceed

    Also follow him in instagram - https://www.instagram.com/honhim

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